Sunday, 7 October 2018

A lot can happen in a year

It’s a massive cliché right? But it’s true.                  

I have been thinking about this lately because midway through this week it occurred to me that it had been a year ago to the week that I had started work experience at the PR agency I ended up getting a
full time job at.

If someone had told me last year that I would be working in PR full time a year from then, I really just wouldn’t have believed them. I had been working in retail and volunteering since I graduated, being rejected for every job interview I was going for, dealing with a whole bunch of stuff in my personal life and really struggling with my mental health.

It was the sort of situation where deep down I knew it would be alright in the end, but it felt really suffocating while it was happening and I couldn’t see a quick way of changing things.

For this reason, last year was one of the most difficult of my life. This seems dramatic to put into words now, but I have the daily journal to prove that it isn't an understatement.

A year on in my job, I’ve improved in my writing, I’ve had my work in print, I’ve written a wedding magazine, I edit a bi-monthly magazine of which I’m currently pulling together the Christmas issue, I’ve interviewed so many interesting people and I managed the PR for Newcastle Pride, which was so rewarding and right up my street.

And outside of my job, in the last year I have rekindled friendships, cut out some toxic ones, made some completely news ones – people I honestly couldn’t imagine my life without now – and had some pretty great times with these people too.

I’m learning to drive, which still feels weird to say. I kind of thought I never would and it feels like a big achievement to finally be doing it.

I also got a kitten, Margo, who has completely changed my life and is one of the best things to ever happen to me. She is funny and adorable and brightens up my day like nothing else.

And this time last year I wouldn’t have believed any of it, which got me thinking about what I want to be able to say I have achieved this time next year.

I want to travel somewhere I haven’t been before, I want to continue improving my writing and I want to start blogging again, I want to find somewhere to volunteer at because that goal really has taken a back burner this year, I want to start a class and I want to pass my driving test. I think they’re all pretty achievable.

So, I guess I’ll check back in October 2019 and see how I did. Here’s hoping I can tick them all off.

What are you proud of this year?


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