Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Do I really need all of the things?

Recently, I’ve got in a really bad habit that I think everyone falls victim to at one time or another.

I can’t stop spending money.

Whereas I used to be quite good at budgeting and putting a little bit away each month, now more often than not I find myself scraping together pennies during the last week before payday because I’ve been over indulgent over the month.

For a while, this didn’t seem too bad and I justified it by telling myself I deserved nice things (don’t we all?) and I’d worked hard for it. 2018 was the first year I’ve had a full time job so I had more disposable income than I have had previously and I’ve definitely been making the most of it.

But now, I seem to have fallen into the mindset that buying things will either improve something in my life, make me happier or advance a goal I have.

And sometimes, this might be true! But other times, I am finding it difficult to figure out the line between justifying something I actually need and convincing myself to buy something just because I want it.

Something has made my spending infinitely worse is Youtube. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the platform since it first began because I have an addictive personality and I either go weeks without watching anything or spend hours at a time binge watching the last three months of someone’s content.

Recently, I have found myself watching a lot of the LA Youtubers and if you’ve watched any of the channels I find myself on regularly, you’ll know they love to spend their money and tell you all about it too.

It’s easy to draw a line when I’m watching them drop thousands on Gucci and Balenciaga when my bank account would frankly laugh if I tried that with my card details, but more often than not these days I’ll hear a beauty vlogger mention a product and have my card in my hand ready to order before I’ve even finished the video.

And then there are the products I convince myself I ‘need’. The idea for this blog post was born when, two weeks before payday I bought a certain Youtuber’s palette and brush set and then spent the next fortnight hoping no one would ask me to do anything fun, because I was broke.

It’s not that I thought I’d regret this purchase, but the timing definitely wasn’t right. Did I need to buy both products at the same time? No. Was my bank account happy about the purchase so close after Christmas? Again, no.

The biggest purchase I’m trying to get my head round at the moment is a new laptop. Mine has been on its last legs for a long while and is one of the reasons my blog fell so off the radar last year as the motivation to write is just that bit harder when your technology is constantly failing you.

I definitely need a new one - my current laptop doesn’t work unless it’s plugged in, it is incredibly slow, there are parts that are literally falling off and buttons that just don’t work anymore.

But, here is my dilemma – I have wanted a Macbook for as long as I can remember.

And, because I’ve wanted one for so long, I can’t actually figure out if I want one for the functionality or if it’s another status symbol I’ve convinced myself I need. One of those ‘I’ll be so much more productive when I have one’, ‘it’s a great investment’, ‘there's a reason why they're so popular’ products.

Do I need a new laptop? Yes. Can I justify the price of a Macbook when I also want to go on holiday this year (possibly more than once) and really just generally need to start putting more money away if I ever want to be able to move out before I’m 25? I’m not sure.

Being an adult is expensive and I hate that. But, I definitely could make some changes to make everything a bit easier on myself and that’s all on me.

So stay tuned to see if I make any more reckless (but fun) spending decisions and, until then, please leave me a comment telling me something you spend too much money on to make me feel better.

And I’ll see you all next Wednesday for my next blog post!



  1. I feel your pain! I'm much older than you, and I suspect I should be more sensible (you have youth as an excuse!) but I still spend far too much on "stuff" I don't really need. I am, however, an inveterate lover of "discount" stores so I probably don't spend a large percentage of our income, but it's still stuff I don't really need.
    I can usually stop myself from buying more clothes, which I definitely don't need, and I don't really wear make up much so I'm not tempted by that, but put me in a craft store or stationers and I'm itching to spend money! Yesterday I had to work very hard to persuade myself I didn't need a palette of delicious looking acrylic paints (but the colours! the dinky tubes!) I've never painted with acrylics in my life, but I'd like to, but I know I probably wouldn't use them! Hey ho.
    It doesn't get any easier...

    Fat Dormouse (

    1. It oddly makes me feel better that you don't get more sensible with age! I totally sympathise with the art situation, I get tempted by the prospect of buying things to start new hobbies all the time despite the fact I barely have time to do the hobbies I already have. It's an eternal struggle!

  2. I'm not too bad when it comes to spending. I'm fairly careful with my money but beauty products are something I always seem to justify to myself. Either that it's not that expensive in the grand scheme of things or maybe I'll review/ feature it on my blog? I can definitely relate to the struggle x


    1. I always use the 'I'll put it on my blog' excuse to justify purchases but I probably do it a few too many times! Glad you can relate

  3. I totally know what you mean my lovely, I've only been buying things I genuinely need more than anything!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

    1. I'm definitely going to try and employ that attitude but it's just so hard!

  4. I don’t think I’ve ever related to a post more before! My spending habits are ridiculous and since I moved into my own flat all I seem to do is buys things for it even if I don’t really need it. Shopping definitely does make me feel better especially if I got a good deal! I’m trying to cut back more now and save for the future! Xx

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I just wish I could get better at buying things I actually need, really going to try and save more going forward!

  5. After stopping buying new clothes for a few months last year, the rest of my shopping habits started to change and I can really see a difference now as I'm prioritising what I really want (e.g going out and travel). It might help your spending habits and there are other ways to feel better, sometimes comfort buying isn't the best option but there are other things out there (I used to spend a ridiculous amount on books but now I get them from my local library!) x

    1. Yeah, I think I just need to get organised properly with things and keep more of a track on things! I'm also guilty of spending a ridiculous amount on books and it's a tough one because I want to support the industry but I don't want to break the bank at the same time. Thank god for libraries!

  6. If i'm honest, buying my Macbook is one of the best decisions I ever made haha. It is SO fast, so convenient, so light and it's still going strong after over 6 years. I even put it on finance and spread the cost over 3 years because I was so desperate for it and I don't regret it one bit, it was so worth it! I use it so much more than my phone and iPad for blogging, it's just so much easier! But anyway, before I completely persuade you to drop nearly a grand, a way I've been trying to justify purchases is that I'll only buy/keep something if I'm 100% in love with it. If I look at the thing, or myself in the thing and I feel really happy or I feel a strong something for it then that's it, it's worth it. But if it doesn't benefit me like that, I'm not going to get a use out of it that's worth the price I'm paying more often than not!
    Alice Xx

  7. Ah Alien is my all time favourite fragrance, I love it so much and always get so many complements whenever I wear it xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️


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